Saturday, December 22, 2007

Where is Adalia

Roadrunner Records has organised a sort of a 'Madina Lake mission' (Madina Lake being the band's name) in Paris where many stencils have been made at different spots (in front of the Virgin Store, Concert Halls, High Schools, etc) with the face of Adalia and the mention 'Où est Adalia ?' (Where is Adalia ?).
Adalia is on the cover of their album, she is a fictitious character created by the band that is supposed to have disappeared. The Adalia website (in french) will send you here (french) to get a free mp3 song. Their official MySpace page (english) is here and the other official band's web page is here (english).

This one was shot in front of the entrance of the 'Carrousel du Louvre', 'rue de Rivoli'.

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