Monday, December 24, 2007


I discovered this one for the first time and I really liked it because wherever I went he was there. I don't know who created it.

at the 'Hotel de Ville' Subway entrance.

in Le Marais, rue Vieille du Temple.

Next to the previous one, 'impasse de l'Hôtel d'Argensson'.

at the end of 'rue des Rosiers'

at the Saint Paul subway entrance.

a sticker near the Colette Store, rue Saint-Honoré.

on this mail box 'rue de Turenne', near 'Place des Vosges'.

Near the back entrance of the BHV dpt store.

on this phone booth 'rue des Francs Bourgeois'.

on the wall behind the previous phone booth 15 ft above ground near this invader.

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