Sunday, December 30, 2007


Since we are in the Cihangir district, let's stay there. Found in the upper part of the 'Alçakdam Yokusu' near the Cihangir Park. Cihangir's symbol is actually a cat. Even though you will see cats everywhere in the streets in Istanbul, you will see more in Cihangir since they have become its emblem. On this special stairway, I once counted 47 cats with many kittens. People take care of them, feed them, heal them. There is even a sign asking you to leave a not if you ever take a kitten from there so that they will know what happened to it.
It's four separate stencils side by side, one's size is approximately 20x10 cm.

Part of the plaster fell recently, so it's just one kitten left now.

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