Monday, December 10, 2007

First Day

Today, I finally decide to start this blog about stencils. I have been taking pictures of stencils in Istanbul for a few months now and I thought it was time to share them. I'll probably post one stencil everyday. I will see how it evolves.
Stencil in Turkey is a pretty recent form of art. It used to be (and still is but much less) more political in the 80's. Now it really has become a form of art. You still feel that it's the beginning because people would create one and appose it on every walls, in every streets, and even sometimes, put 5 side by side on the same wall.
Some artists are more engaged than others. I don't really not how much stencils are allowed in Turkey, it is art but it still is painting walls which is probably forbidden like everywhere else. Take the notorious Banksy (from the U.K.) for example. One of the greatest artist there is, he produces shows and have books printed but still hides his true identity for fear of prosecution. I'll try to learn more as I share those wall art works with you.


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