Monday, December 15, 2008

Kardeşimsin Alexis

Those stencils are very recent ones and when I first saw them (on the Istiklal Boulevard and adjacent streets) I was wondering about this guy, of who he was. As I took photos I saw a guy 30 feet in front of me taking photos of the same things too. I was like :"there's nothing on those walls, what's he taking a picture of ?". He was taking a picture of the stencils and "posters" of this guy too until I realized they were (he was actually with a friend) the one doing this by gluing those on walls. But they were looking at me suspiciously as I was kind of following them and taking photos too. They just disappeared at a corner before I could ask them what it was about.

I found a website with more photos and the pattern for the sticker or/and stencil to download :

Interested in photos of the riots, it's on my other blog.

Alexis (Alexandros) Grigoropoulos is actually the reason the Greek riots are happening since December the 6th. 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos was deliberately killed (according to the Chief of Police of Athens) by a special guard of the Greek Police, following an altercation between police and a group of youths in the Exarcheia district of Athens, Greece.

The writing below the image says "Kardeşimsin Alexis", meaning "You are my brother Alexis". This is a strong sign in Turkey if you know the relationship Turkey has with Greece, depending of course of who did this.

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