Saturday, November 22, 2008

Festus Okey

A while ago I posted some stencils that were all on the same pink wall (and previous posts). Well they recently painted the whole building so you cannot see those stencils anymore. On the new paint someone did this one of Festus (Faustus) Okey (there is another one near the Istiklal street). On the writing you can read his name and below it : "Rest in Peace".
Festus Okey was from Nigeria and lived in Istanbul with a fake I.D. He was arrested in August of 2007 in possession of cocaine ready for sell. He was arrested and taken to the Beyoglu Police Station were he was accidently shot by the policeman Festus was supposedly trying to take the gun from.
the Contemporary Lawyers' Association has accused the Istanbul Police Department of influencing judiciary institutions and trying to cover up the murder. (News).

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