Friday, February 1, 2008

Obey Giant

This reproduction of the 'Obey Giant' stencil from artist Shepard Fairey was done by Turkish artist Ari Alpert. He started an underground production company called 'Osman Production' which involves street art, DJing, fashion design, visual arts, ...
First he started by doing Shepard's 'giant', but soon came up with the idea of transforming it. He took the original and added a mustache giving it a Turkish twist. He also added a tag name – Osman. You can see those ones mainly in Cihangir.

Here, with the added mustache. You can see some other stencils in this picture. The ash tray on the wall behind that you can see in a previous post. Ari's stencil is below a DEHAP stencil. DEHAP being a political party that have been bukaked by the way.

This one is on a box of the gas company, you can see the larger picture in the post published 2 days ago, or here.

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