Monday, January 21, 2008

Çikita Muz

Çikita Muz (pronounce Chikita Moose, 'Çikita' being a brand, 'Muz' meaning 'banana'). Know elsewhere as Chiquita, this was the first banana brand imported to Turkey under the presidency of Turgut Özal. Before the 80's, banana was an expensive fruit only bought for the New Year (like oranges in France during the 50's I guess). So this new, bigger, cheaper banana was a big change for the people.
But here, it is another matter. Çikita Muz is the name of a song sang by the worst singer ever : Ajdar. The guy is not really a singer but he think he is and managed to record a song. This stencil is made from a still picture taken out from his music video clip. I wanted to send you the link to the youtube video (maybe here) but youtube is currently closed in Turkey (by a Turkish court) because of clips allegedly insulting the country's founding father : Atatürk. I found another link to this video clip right here. Everybody here thinks that the guy is a joke so that's probably why someone made a stencil out of it.

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